ZANGIEF & GEN Collectible Set by PCS

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Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Street Fighter Street Jam: Zangief & Gen 1:10 Collectible Statue Set.

This set of two 1:10 scale Street Fighter collectible statues is the latest entry in the PCS Street Jam line based on the iconic Udon poster showcasing a selection of fan-favorite characters from the Street Fighter franchise.

Zangief and Gen are as dissimilar in appearance as they are in demeanor. Zangief is a towering wrestler who values strength over all else and showcases his formidable talents in the wrestling ring for all to see. Gen on the other hand is small in stature and despite his sordid past now seeks to lead a life of honor challenging only foes he deems honorable as well.

Both figures in this set are fully sculpted - each depicted in a pose representative of their personalities. Zangief flexes his massive muscles, his face contorted from the effort to show off every bit of his impressively sculpted physique. Gen stands poised in a martial arts stance, his back foot planted firmly with hands ready to strike. Every element of his traditional garb and wizened portrait are recreated here in amazing detail.

Bring a little balance to your video game collectibles collection and preorder the Street Fighter - Street Jam: Zangief & Gen 1:10 Statue Set today!

ETA: Q4 2024