About Us

Our Company has been in business Since 2011. We are based out of Pune, Maharashtra India. Many of you have transacted with our company before- through our Social Media platforms, through our mail catalogue. In these years we have Established ourselves as Authorised Distributor/reseller for Sideshow Collectibles, Iron Studios, Prime 1 Studios, XM Studios, Queen Studios, Hot Toys, Blitzway, Kotobukiya, Chronicle Collectibles, Funko, DC Collectibles.

We are proud to present our new Website.
It features many of the product lines you’re currently collecting from, as well as lot of new, high-end collectibles you may be unfamiliar with. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website. We dealing primarily in limited edition movie merchandise such as prop replicas, statues, busts, maquettes, collectible figures, one of kind of pieces of Art, You name it- if we find something we think our customers would love, we'll bring it to you!

We are an honest & dependable company, someone with proven track record, that will go extra distance to assure that you will get what you paid for. We have the same passion for quality & authenticity as our collectors. We are connecting people with the characters they love
Happy Collecting..