Wonder Woman Unleashed Deluxe DC Comics Art Scale 1/10 Statue By Iron Studios

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In the ruins of a Greek temple, rests of broken vases and urns are surrounded by roots and tendrils of vegetation, together with a fallen statue of the god of speed Hermes. In this set, the majestic figure of a warrior goddess climbs the antient stone steps with her long red and golden boots, wielding a lance in her left hand, and protecting her right side with a powerful shield with her symbol, the amazon princess in her classic combat armor equipped with a sword on her back, and the mystic Lasso of Hestia on her waist, watches while the wind causes her red cape to wave alongside her black hair. Over a base decorated with Greek columns around her with the symbolic star sculpted between the columns and the logo in the front, Iron Studios proudly present the statue "Wonder Woman Unleashed Deluxe - DC Comics - Art Scale 1/10", presenting the greatest female superhero in the DC universe in a new standard of excellence in the 1/10 scale, over an extremely detailed base with mythological elements that remind a battle set of antient Greece, and completes the iconic DC Trinity together with the statues of Superman and Batman Unleashed Deluxe previously revealed by Iron Studios.

ETA : Apr/May 2024