Wonder Woman 1975 TV Series Statue By Prime 1 Studio

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We are excited to present a long-awaited iconic piece from superhero TV history: The 1/3 Scale Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter) from the Wonder Woman 1975 TV Series by Prime 1 Studios and Blitzway!

Long-term DC Comics fans will agree that Lynda Carter was the perfect Wonder Woman: her stature, kindness, grace, and strength all contributed to her portrayal of Princess Diana of Themyscira.

The two giants of the collectible's world Prime 1 Studio and Blitzway have come together to capture the subtle and eye-catching features that made Lynda Carter such a celebrated Wonder Woman for decades!

The talented artists of both brands have spent days and days poring over reference media of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman to ensure and to catch each and every detail, angle, and look of the 70’s superhero icon. From picking up the subtle detail of her loose wavy hair to rendering how striking her baby blue eyes were and to rendering her toned physique, we lived and breathed Wonder Woman 24/7.

ETA: Feb/Mar 2024