Witch King The Lord Of The Rings Art Scale 1/10 Statue By Iron Studios

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On top of the base resembling the scorching terrain of the dark land of Mordor, surrounded by the shape of its crown, the evil entity, known as the Lord of the Nazgûl, carries its deadly black sword in its right hilt, and its no less lethal flail in his left hand. He watches and searches for the “One Ring” of his master Sauron, confident in the 1000-year prophecy of the Elf-Lord Glorfindel, which says that no man alive can kill him. Iron Studios presents the statue of the fearsome “Witch King of Angmar – The Lord Of The Rings – Art Scale 1/10 – Exclusive” to the delight of fans and collectors of Tolkien’s work, presented in theaters through the vision of director Peter Jackson.