The Merciless Dark Knights Metal Statue By Prime 1 Studio

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Prime 1 has captured The Merciless in the most iconic of poses based on the concept by the revered Comic Artist, Jason Fabok. Batman stands 44 inches tall upon a rocky-volcanic themed base. The Merciless holds the infamous God Killer sword high and mighty, ready to destroy anyone who crosses his path.

The base is reminiscent of classic Batman pieces with a gargoyle protruding through the front, following the base theme of trademark gargoyles for all of our Dark Nights pieces! It also features the memorial of Diana, a reminder of all the destruction the helmet could cause. The base, pose, and armour brilliantly come together to convey the essence of his power, vigour, and ruthlessness! They have crafted this Dark Night with the most precise attention to detail to bring you the most comic accurate The Merciless on the market! A must-have for DC Metal fans everywhere!

ETA : Feb 2024