The Lord of the Rings Salvation at Mount Doom Masters Collection Statue

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Lord of the Rings Salvation at Mount Doom 1:6 Scale Statue:

  • Limited edition of 400 pieces worldwide!
  • Made from high-quality polystone!
  • Depicts the final moment of despair, and subsequent ray of hope, for the Ringbearer's party!
  • Includes 3 characters, 1 creature and 1 dynamic environment!
  • Unique lighting features, combined with expert paint application bring the molten lands of Mount Doom to life!
  • Sculpt lead by Middle-earth veteran Gary Hunt, with assistance from Bawal Saggi, Kathryn Parr, Charlotte Key , Leonard Ellis, Mauro Santini and Steven Saunders!
The Lord of the Rings Salvation at Mount Doom Masters Collection 1:6 Scale Statue depicts the incredible moment in The Return of the King when Gandalf swoops in on the back of a great eagle to save Frodo and Sam from Mount Doom after the One Ring is destroyed. The expert paint application and unique lighting add true to life detail to the molten lands of Mount Doom. Made from high-quality polystone, this limited edition statue measures an impressive 40-inches tall x 46-inches long x 20-inches wide. Featuring three beloved characters, one creature and a dynamic environment - this is one piece you won't want missing from your The Lord of the Rings collection! For ages 18 and up

Designed for discerning collectors, the Masters Collection represents the pinnacle of WETA Workshop craftsmanship. Embodied in each of these extraordinary statues, you'll find an exacting attention to detail. Materials of the highest quality. The latest technology, meshed with the finest handcraft. A reverence for the source material that can only come from artists who have lived and breathed Middle-earth for over twenty years. More than collectibles, these are sculptures of fine art.
ETA: Sep/Oct 2024