The Last of Us Part 1 Joel & Ellie DX Bonus Version

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“You guys are pretty good at this stuff.” - Ellie
“It's called luck, and it is gonna run out.” - Joel

Amidst a desolate world destroyed by the menace of the Cordyceps fungus, a man who buries his past, and a girl who's yet to experience love, survive together and weave a special bond.  From the masterpiece developed by Naughty Dog, Prime 1 Studio is excited to present UPMTLOU-03DX: The Last of Us Part I Joel & Ellie Deluxe Version!

This creation is the ultimate diorama, every detail in layout, pose, and coloring has been perfected to breathe life into the delicate graphics and human drama of 'The Last of Us.’

Joel, with his unwavering determination, embodies the very image fans have yearned for. His battle-hardened face and robust physique, along with his weathered denim and equipment, have been crafted with masterful precision. Ellie, pointing her rifle with subdued fear, mirrors the same attention to detail. From her pronounced expression to the keychain on her backpack, she's there just as you remember her from the game. We've been extra careful in portraying their gestures and positions, letting you feel the bond and mutual battle style that the iconic pair nurtured throughout their grueling journey.

The Clicker that lunges toward them is also carefully designed to turn up the sheer terror aspect of this horror collectible diorama. The hazardous fungal growth on its head and its threatening stance heighten the sense of imminent danger for our survivor duo. You can also see a demised infected built into the special base that signifies their late-stage condition.

The DX version includes 2 heads with different expressions for both Joel, Ellie and one extra head for the Clicker. For the swappable heads, you will get a normal face version and an angry face version each for Joel and Ellie. For the Clicker, an extra head with its face blasted open is included for collectors who prefer more gore and intensity in their diorama.

Not only that - with swappable weapons such as a bat, pipe, and machete, you have the freedom to combine them as you wish and create scenes that are uniquely your own to mimic your in-game playstyle and customizations.

ETA: Sep/Oct 2025