Dc Comic The Joker In Trench Coat (Batman: The Animated Series) By Mcfarlane

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Introducing the ultimate embodiment of chaos and malevolence from the iconic Batman: The Animated Series – The Joker (Batman: The Animated Series Build-A) by DC Direct. Crafted meticulously in a 6” scale, this figure encapsulates the essence of the Clown Prince of Crime, an agent of chaos and a nemesis to the Dark Knight himself.

Not just an ordinary collectable, The Joker comes with a myriad of accessories, including 8 extra hands for diverse posing possibilities. Additionally, he features the Lock-Up build-a figure arms, enhancing the figure's versatility and display options.

But that's not all! Each purchase includes a coveted collectable art card. Adorn your collection with this card, featuring captivating character art on the front and a meticulously crafted character biography on the back, allowing you to delve deeper into the psyche of this iconic villain.

Joining the league of McFarlane TOYS™ BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES™ figures, this action figure isn't merely a toy; it's a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication to authenticity, perfect for display on collectors' shelves, as a centerpiece in a gaming room, or even adorning an office desk.

Embrace the mayhem, add a touch of villainous charisma, and complete your collection with The Joker (Batman: The Animated Series Build-A) – available for pre-order now, marking an essential addition for every fan of the Batman universe.

ETA: May/June 2024