Superman Of Earth - 3 Crime Syndicate By Mcfarlane

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Earth-3 is a world where power and brute force outmatch the justice and compassion seen in many other Earths across the DC Multiverse. Ultraman of Earth-3, born Kal-Il on the planet Krypton, shares many similarities with Earth-0’s Superman. He’s also the Last Son of Krypton and was sent in an escape pod to Earth where he grew up in Smallville with his adoptive parents Jonathan and Martha Kent. But the similarities end there. Using their son for their own gain, the Kents then manipulated Kal-Il and didn’t allow him to leave the farm, until one day when he finally discovered the truth of who he is and where he came from. He then broke free and left Smallville for good.

Years later, he’s now taken the name Ultraman and rules over Metropolis, dominating the sprawling city as a tyrant. And with the emergence of other powerful beings like himself, he’s formed the Crime Syndicate, a group of morally corrupt, power-hungry Super-Villains set on reforming the world to their liking. They are in every way the antithesis of the Justice League.