Spider-man - (Spider-man vs Villains ) Art Scale 1/10 Statue By Iron Studios

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Flexing his mighty muscles, the legendary friendly neighborhood superhero uses the maximum of his arachnid strength and dexterity to dodge and stay away from the attack of one of his most terrifying and powerful enemies, with a set base in which a monstrous and viscous alien tongue breaks the structure of a metallic base floor underneath his feet to try to capture him, the fearless wall climber superhero leans resolute on his webs facing the powerful and lethal creature. Inspired by his bold look in the comic books from the 1990s, Iron Studios present the statue "Spider-Man - Spider-Man vs Villains - Art Scale 1/10”, introducing the always epic clash between the amazing Spider-Man and the alien Symbiote Venom, in which the set can be complete with the statue "Venom - Spider-Man vs Villains - Art Scale 1/10", with the sinister villain in another exclusive version by Iron Studios.

ETA : Apr/May 2024