Satoru Gojo Deluxe Bonus Version Jujutsu Kaisen By Prime 1 Studio

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Get ready for a mesmerizing addition to the Concept Masterline Series: Satoru Gojo Deluxe Bonus Version from the anime Jujutsu Kaisen, brought to you by Prime 1 Studio!

As the students face off against cursed spirits, our favorite teacher arrives, ensuring their safety with his unparalleled jujutsu sorcery skills. Satoru Gojo, the world's strongest special-grade sorcerer, is here to save the day!

Prime 1 Studio's talented artists have captured Satoru Gojo's handsome and charismatic essence in this stunning statue. Standing almost 19 inches tall, he exudes confidence as he prepares to unleash his awe-inspiring Domain Expansion ability. With his dark blue high-collar jacket, stylish blindfold, and a mischievous smirk, Satoru is the epitome of cool.

The Deluxe Version of this statue takes the storytelling to the next level. You can swap out Satoru's arm to lift the blindfold, revealing his mesmerizing cerulean-blue eye. And that's not all! When you order the Deluxe Bonus Version, you'll also receive an extra head and arm, allowing you to unveil Satoru's full power by removing the blindfold and exposing his entire face.

ETA: Jan 2025