PLASTIC-MAN Art Scale 1/10 Statue

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Who is Plastic Man?
Patrick “Eel” O’Brian is a former criminal that, during an unsuccessful robbery, after diving into a cauldron with an unknown industrial chemical which entered his blood via a bullet wound, caused a process of mutation in his entire body which transformed his physiology, turning O’Brian into a fluid-state being, not completely liquid or solid, with total control over his structure. O’Brian’s discontent with his criminal life and his wish to reshape himself made him adopt the code name Plastic Man and start acting as a detective and superhero, being able to stretch his limbs and body into superhuman size and length without a known limit. 

Exploring the statue:
Just like the slippery shape of an eel fish, which was his nickname in the past as an outlaw, the most playful superhero and pop culture’s humoristic icon twists himself around a fire hydrant, stretching like a serpent while creates a miniature version of himself appearing on the palm of his left hand. Possessor of a unique and completely moldable body chemistry, with the power to shape his body into any imaginable form, over a base of a concrete sidewalk, Iron Studios present the newest version of the statue of the most flexible of all superheroes, “Plastic Man Exclusive Ver. - DC Comics series #9 - Art Scale 1/10”, with his inseparable sunglasses and his red, yellow, and black costume as pliable as his body.

Figure Details:
Plastic Man Exclusive Ver. - DC Comics series #9 - Art Scale 1/10 measurements are 6.2 in (H) x 4.3 in (W) x 4.5 in (D) - 0.6 lbs, which allows an impressive presentation of the statue in any environment.

The statue Plastic Man Exclusive Ver. - DC Comics series #9 - Art Scale 1/10 by Iron Studios will be produced in limited edition. The diorama base present rich details inspired by the original references. 

ETA - Q1, 2025