One Piece HQS Dioramax Buggy the Clown Statue BY tsume

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This statue represents Captain Buggy and his crew during his spectacular confrontation with Luffy in Orange Town on East Blue, making him his first enemy! Throwing a monkey wrench into this peaceful place, this clownish scene highlights the zaniness and weird abilities of the Star Clown and his singular companions! The cheeky Luffy takes him for a Clown mocking his big nose, he will take away the point of laughing! We thus see the troublemaker making use of the strange powers of his devil fruit Bara Bara no Mi, accidentally swallowed when he was a former apprentice of the Roger Pirates alongside Shanks… Laughing heartily, his clownish makeup highlights his treacherous gaze and reveals his sordid intention: it's time for a celebration! Wearing his exuberant stage costume with his long ringmaster blazer and matching artist hat, his red and white striped t-shirt like a circus tent and his hair-dyed baggy pants, the Clown announces a colorful show that will not fail to surprise you!

His Bara Bara Ho Kirihanashi propels his two fists and their 8 knives to slice the enemy, his Bara Bara Festival cuts his body into pieces to better hit his target and his Bara Bara Senbei brings out sharp blades from his shoes to kick butts with great fanfare! And since one bad trick always hides another, he expels an explosive Baggy Ball from his heel piece, convinced that his cannonballs combined with the powers of his Devil Fruit will allow him to conquer Grand Line and afflict some good lessons! Behind his back, Cabaji the Acrobat prepares an icy trick with his Carnival Tricks! With his cold gaze and ruthless smile, the agile staff chief balanced on his unicycle twirls his checkered scarf, inviting Zoro to challenge him... His sharp saber in one hand and his razor-sharp spinning tops in the other, all means are good for proving that he’s the best swordsman and winning, even if it means cheating!

Having become a burden for his Captain after his failure against Luffy, Mohji the Beast Tamer finds himself relegated to the human cannonball position, while the varnished red Buggy Ball relieved of its usefulness remains on the ground. Renowned for his ability to tame the most ferocious beasts, he hasn't managed to budge with the wild little Chouchou! Usually pompous, the first mate is here sweaty and dominated by fear, his white hair in the shape of polar bear ears, making him look more like a bear cub looking for its mother. As he prays for the wick to go out, his gigantic pet lion Richie gets its behind kicked by its Captain for losing against the tiny but indomitable Chouchou and its new ally!

With its dazed blood red eyes, matted purple mane and many broken fangs, the beast looks almost as fierce as its crying tamer. Finally, we find on the base all the elements of this lively encounter: the dusty debris and roof tiles of the houses razed by the Buggy Ball propelled by the Captain's cannon for fun, the red and black varnished top of his marquee, or even his opened treasure chest and all of his precious berries, jewels and gold bullions scattered after the intrepid Nami tried to steal it, just like the map of Grand Line! As the ultimate treasure, a berry with the crew's logo sits in the middle of the varnished red border. Despite these obstacles, the future Warlord of the sea has more than one trick up his sleeve! The curtain is still open, the show must go on and the joker Clown intends to have the last laugh! GYAHAHAHAHA!!!

ETA: Q4 2024