Monkey D. Luffy Ultimate Bust BY Tsume

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« I am Monkey D. Luffy. The man who’ll surpass you guys… and become the King of the Pirates! » - Luffy to Big Mom and Kaido

This MUB represents Monkey D. Luffy and his path to becoming the Pirate King, many references recalling the stages of his life that led him to this precise moment! The hero who swore to free Wano takes on Emperor Kaidou here in the episode "Straw Hat Luffy - The Man Who Will Become the Pirate King" from the Wano Country arc. The 5th Emperor wears his Straw Hat entrusted by Red Hair when he was a child, the one he got from Roger. If Luffy had inflicted his scar under his eye to prove his courage to Shanks, today it underlines the will to win engraved in his eyes and his wrath against Kaidou for having shattered the dream of the Wano samurai to honor the memory of their Shogun ...

Luffy wears his long black coat, purple belt and red vest with 4 golden buttons revealing his muscular torso, result of his Herculean training, and the cross scar on his chest, proof of the near-fatal attack inflicted by Akainu during the Summit War. This signature of the former Admiral recalls how he killed Ace and pierced his brother's heart, marking him with a deep and incurable wound. This time, the son of the Revolutionary Army leader will leave his own mark by pulverizing the one who stands in the way of his dream. In Gear 2, looking enraged and surrounded by dark lightning bolts, the Haoshoku Haki bearer uses Busoshoku Haki blackening and hardening his fist to propel it into the face of the Strongest Creature and Uo Uo no Mi wielder.

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