Masters of the Universe Origins Battle Cat Fighting Tiger Action Figure

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Admirers, collectors and fans of the new generation beware: Masters of the Universe is back. It’s time to go into battle again and help He- Man protect the universe from the evil Skeletor! This is where Battle Cat, the fighting tiger, comes in.

Masters of the Universe Origins Battle Cat Action Figure is an exciting figure from the original series that remains true to the classic traditions of Masters of the Universe, but at the same time has new design features that allow for an intense game full of action. Battle Cat is a huge creature that resembles a tiger and always loyal to He-Man. Its green body with yellow stripes has 12 movable joints, including legs, head, neck and jaw, allowing powerful poses to recreate and imaginative fight scenes. Armed with her brown and red armor for battle, this impressive cat comes in an authentic vintage- style packaging with beautiful design, and the accompanying mini comic book will immediately captivate fans.