Kong Bust Statue By Prime 1 Studio

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Prime 1 Studio are coming all guns blazing in the epic war between Titans: GODZILLA from Godzilla vs Kong!

The 26-inch-tall Kong Bust, Prime 1 Studios have meticulously scaled King Kong down to the size manageable by a human person, but his breathtaking awesomeness and frightening power remain FULL-SIZED!

Our Prime 1 Studio sculptors have labored tirelessly to bring every detail of King Kong's existence to life, his scarred chest, menacing teeth, and threatening expression. They have equipped Kong with specially manufactured glass eyes to reflect the complex personality and decades of experience they contain within! And most of all, to preserve the realistic nature of his thick coat, our craftsmen have meticulously hand-punched each of his hair strands, one by one, into his silicone and polystone understructure! This fantastic bust can only be described as a labor of love by fans.

From the front, Kong’s bust sits above an Iwi Village fortification on a Skull Island-themed base, his home for decades. From the back, another Kong sits victoriously on his Hollow Earth throne, surrounded by naturally painted stalactites, stalagmites, and the ruins of this long-extinct kingdom. Intricately painted and clutching his main primary defense against Godzilla’s Atomic Breath, Kong surveys his future home with his ancient Battle Axe. And, for a brief moment, all is right with the world. Then, all hell breaks loose with a deafening challenge from his Alpha rival who is also available to order now!

ETA: Feb 2024