Jurassic Park Dino Hatching 1/10 Art Scale Limited Edition Statue

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Smiling like a zealous father, the CEO of InGen and the creator of Jurassic Park with gloved hands helps in the birth of other cloned dinosaurs in his laboratories. The moment the hatchling breaks the shell of his egg in the hatchery. By his side, witnessing this miracle of life and science, a paleobotanist smiles, fascinated, and her partner, a respected paleontologist, gets surprised when finding out which is the species of the animal! Presented at Iron Studios’ San Diego Comic-Con 2023 booth, the Dino Hatching Deluxe diorama statue replicates one of the most sublime and emotional moments from the original movie from 1993, with John Hammond, Ellie Sattler, and Alan Grant watching the birth of a Velociraptor in their tour of the park. Meticulously portraying the facial features of actors Richard Attenborough, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill, just like the details of the set like the hatchery and the robot arm baby-sitting the eggs.