Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna Statue By Prime 1 Studio

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The artisans at Prime 1 Studio have captured the essence of Sukuna in this beautifully crafted diorama statue of the vengeful spirit! They have once again demonstrated their ability to bring to life the most dangerous cursed spirit from the superhit anime Jujutsu Kaisen in his natural habitat!

Ryomen Sukuna, who stands 13 inches tall, appears almost bored to death! But when you're the most powerful demon curse of all time, the challenges are few and far between! He has, however, discovered a new toy in Yuji Itadori...through Yuji, he is poised to take over the world, just as he attempted a thousand years before. In the meantime, Sukuna sits on his skull and bone throne, dressed simply in a kimono, scarf, and zori. His tattooed face has a pensive expression, straight out of an anime. His face leans on his right arm, which rests on the armrest of his demon throne, as he awaits the next entertaining chapter of this new development.

This Deluxe Version features Sukuna with two swappable right arms, one resting on his face, and the other, animated in conversation...and also two swappable portraits, one looking pensive and bored, and the second, clearly more intense and sinister!

ETA: Feb 2024