He-Man Legends Life-Size Bust By Tweeterhead

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Tweeterhead presents the new He-Man “Legends” Life-Size Bust! The most powerful man in the universe!

This new and HUGE 1:1 scale He-Man Bust measures roughly 28" tall (top of head) to 31.5" tall (top of sword handle), 28.5" wide, and 16.75" deep when fully assembled - from the bottom of the base, to the top of the head or sword, to the furthest out points on the torso and armor.

This fully sculpted bust comes with He-Man in his brand new reimagined glory to fit in with the newly revamped “LEGENDS” Collection, working as the perfect companion piece to our Skeletor “Legends” Life-Size Bust!

Striking a balance of strength and dignity in his look, this hero of Eternia is clad in his updated Grayskull themed armor, with life-like details to help bring this piece to life in a modernized real-world design.

This He-Man bust has a limited edition of just 500 pieces.