Fastball Special: Colossus and Wolverine Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

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Okay, then, just like we did it in the Danger Room…

Sideshow presents the Fastball Special Premium Format™ Figure. This dynamic Marvel collectible is inspired by Colossus and Wolverine’s iconic battle maneuver.

The Fastball Special Premium Format Figure measures 24” tall, 15.15” wide, and 25.5” deep as Colossus launches Wolverine headfirst into the fray. The metallic mutant plants his feet firmly into the ground while he winds up the pitch. Wolverine has one foot in his friend’s hand and the rest of his body outstretched in anticipation. With his protracted Adamantium claws, he’s going to be the deadliest projectile his enemies have ever known.

This quarter scale, fully sculpted X-Men collectible showcases the pair’s perfect execution of the famous fight move. Both Colossus and Wolverine are clad in their classic comic costumes, with the bright, warm colors accentuating their heroic deed. They stand on a base of molten Sentinel pieces that foreshadows the fate of their next foe, happening in 3, 2, 1…

ETA : AUG 2024