Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - Elvira (Red, Fright, and Boo Version) 8” Action Figure

Sale priceRs. 6,199.00

“My name is Elvira, but you can call me tonight.” 

Not to be missed! The Queen of all things spooky is fully articulated and features tailored fabric clothing, plus plenty of accessories. Pose Elvira proudly in her glittering crimson dress, high hair, and high heels. Always the picture of terrifying beauty and confident for it, she’s ever the icon for being yourself and proves this with her quirky yet assured remarks. Fans won’t be disappointed!

This 8” mixed media Action Figure presents the Mistress of the Dark in her striking splendour. Perfect for posing display or general play, this figure includes multiple accessories;

  • One (1) Elvira figure
  • One (1) Interchangeable winking head portrait
  • One (1) Skull and snake candle holder
  • One (1) Chalice
  • One (1) Figure stand

What are you waiting for? Order the Red, Fright, and Boo Version 8” Action Figure of Elvira from Mistress of the Dark online today and add it to your figure collection!


ETA: AUG 2024