Dc Comics Darkseid On Throne Statue By Prime 1 Studio

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Step into the realm of ultimate power and terror with the Prime 1 Studio TLCDC-03 Darkseid On Throne Design By Carlos D’Anda statue! Crafted in an awe-inspiring 1:4 scale, this breathtaking masterpiece stands 25.5 inches tall, dominating any collection with its sheer presence.

Darkseid, envisioned by the legendary Jack Kirby in 1970, embodies ultimate evil and stands as one of the most formidable beings in the DC Universe. Prime 1 Studio's dedication to detail brings this iconic character to life, showcasing his ominous throne room with a 25.5-inch throne, adorned with different finishes and LED illumination to accentuate its regal grandeur.

The statue captures Darkseid's imposing stature, his formidable presence casting an intimidating cosmic aura that resonates with fans and collectors alike. The LED-lit eyes pierce through, warning of the consequences of challenging the lord of Apokolips.

Whether adorning a collectables bedroom or commanding attention in office spaces, this statue is not just an addition but a centrepiece that exudes an aura of dread and power. Be it an established collection or the cornerstone of a new one, the TLCDC-03 Darkseid On Throne Design By Carlos D’Anda is a must-have for any enthusiast.

ETA: Sep/Oct 2025