Dc Comics Batman vs. Killer Croc (Deluxe Version) Statue By Prime 1 Studio

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Step into the heart of Gotham's underbelly with the Batman vs. Killer Croc Diorama, a stunning ode to the epic clash between the Dark Knight and the fearsome Killer Croc. Crafted with meticulous detail, this Ultimate Premium Masterline collectable immortalizes their visceral battle in the grimy sewers of the city.

Imagine the intensity as Batman grapples with the monstrous Killer Croc, capturing every sinewy muscle and fierce struggle. Within this dynamic statue, witness the Dark Knight confronting Waylon Jones in a gripping showdown, utilizing sheer strength and a chain amidst the murky waters and swirling debris. The statue's craftsmanship captures the raw ferocity of their clash, with every detail meticulously sculpted to perfection.

The Deluxe Version elevates this collectable further, offering versatility with swappable head parts for both Batman and Killer Croc. These options allow collectors to curate expressions that add depth and dimension to this iconic confrontation.

ETA: Sep/Oct 2025