DC Comics Batman (Rafael Grampa) 1/10Th Scale Statue By Iron Studios

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In the heart of Gotham's ominous landscape, witness the legacy of justice embodied in the breathtaking rendition of Batman by acclaimed illustrator Rafael Grampá. Crafted by Iron Studios, this extraordinary statue pays homage to the vigilant protector of Gotham in a design that seamlessly melds credibility with utility, resonating with a captivating blend of gothic allure and futuristic edge.

Grampá's visionary artistry breathes life into the enigmatic Dark Knight, as depicted in the gripping DC Comics miniseries, "Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham." Delve into Batman's profound journey as he confronts his origin, navigating the shadowy recesses of humanity and the depths of his own soul. 

Limited to just 100 numbered statues, the Deluxe edition, "Batman by Rafael Grampá Deluxe (signed version) - DC Comics Series #9 - Art Scale 1/10," bears the illustrious signature of Grampá himself. This exclusive rendition is a testament to the artist's craftsmanship, elevating this masterpiece into a coveted collector's gem.

Beyond a mere collectible, this statue is a testament to Batman's enduring legacy. Whether displayed proudly on a collector's shelf, adorning a gaming haven, or gracing an office desk, this stunning rendition serves as a constant reminder of the unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit of the Caped Crusader—a symbol of relentless determination in the face of darkness.

ETA : Nov/Dec 2024