Dark Knights Metal Superman 1/3 Scale Statue By Prime 1 Studio

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What if earth's strongest superhero becomes one of its worst enemies. Prime 1 Studios is bringing Superman from the nightmarish DC Comics alternative storyline of Dark Knights Metal as the latest addition to the Museum Masterline Series: The 1/3 Scale Superman from Dark Nights: Metal!

Flying in straight from Dark Nights: Metal #3, this version of Superman from the Dark Multiverse stands triumphantly at almost 35 inches tall! Superman sports an impressive suit of armor befitting the Dark Metal Universe he hails from. Superman’s classic red and blue costume is completely decked out with straps, buckles, spikes, and armor plating...as if the Last Son of Krypton couldn’t do enough damage by himself!

Prime 1 Studio has labored to give Superman the grittiest of textures, the likes of which we have hardly seen. Their skillful team has given realistic believability to every wrinkle, crease, and microtexture on his padded suit. They paid particular attention to the battle-worn raised “S” symbol on his chest which no longer means hope.
ETA: Feb/Mar 2024