One Piece HQS Dioramax Brook Statue BY tsume

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Brook, musician and swordsman of the Straw Hat, is a living skeleton, brought back to life thanks to the Devil Fruit Yomi Yomi. He has a unique and distinct appearance from other One Piece characters, making him a visually striking element of the crew.


This statue represents him during his epic fight against Big Mom's minions. He uses not only his sword but also his ability which allows him to separate his soul from his body to move quickly and surprise his opponents. This ability is represented here with a phosphorescent effect.


Talented musician, Soul King Brook was a world star during the 2-year timeskip, before joining the crew heading for the New World. He also uses his instrument to create auditory illusions, disorienting his enemies and allowing surprise attacks.
He is represented here with an alternate bust.

ETA: Q4 2024