Mythic Legions: Reinforcements 2 Cavern Dwarf Legion Builder Figure

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The Cavern Dwarf was originally part of our Advent of Decay wave. For this second version, we swapped out one of the original heads this figure came with and instead included the dwarf head first seen on the Deluxe Dwarf Legion Builder, but painted to match the Cavern Dwarf deco! For those Kings Under the Mountain looking for more dwarf builders for their ranks, this is for you! Here is his bio:
The kingdom of Ironhold is preparing for war. Marching from their home deep in the Greyvein caverns, the army of King Bromdenn Ironjaw has aligned under the banner of the Legion of Arethyr, believing that their fortunes are assured by fighting alongside the God of War. The Cavern Dwarves follow their king’s command, but do they march to glorious victory and future riches, or will their decision lead to the destruction of these once-proud dwarven people.

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