The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki Bust BY Tsume

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From the memorable Naruto franchise comes the, My Ultimate Bust The Legend of Naruto Uzumaki bust, from Tsume. This highly detailed bust displays the iconic Naruto Uzumaki throughout the years with references to memorable moments from the anime series.

Wishing to pay homage to the konoha ninja and to the Naruto license as a whole, the bust is full of details. Thus, you can find the perforated leaf, symbol of the name of the village. But also references to Kyubi on the different versions of Naruto. A particular detail has also been brought to the sets, whether it is the village or the Hokage Rock.

Finally, the symbol present on the base varies according to the side of the statue: Symbol of the Uzumaki family in the child and teen versions of Naruto, Hokage symbol in its adult version. Don't miss out on adding this amazing bust to your display!

  • 26.4W x 29.5D x 38.2 inches (67cm x 75cm x 87cm)

ETA Q2 2025