Masters of the Universe Origins Snake Mountain Playset

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This Masters of the Universe Origins playset is inspired by the Snake Mountain lair in the Dark Hemisphere of Eternia. It was created as an homage to the '80s but with a bigger and better modern design. A huge snake dominates the top of the playset that also features a trap door, dungeon, Skeletor throne, “acid pool,” and escape tunnel. The playset is made for 5.5-inch Origins figures for an epic display. Colors and decorations may vary.

  • MOTU Origins Snake Mountain playset from the dark side of Eternia
  • Created as an homage to the 80’s with modern twists and surprises
  • The front of the playset features a Wolf head that spins to an opening gate
  • Snake on top can pick up any Origins figure in its mouth – or knock it off the platform! Each figure sold separately.
  • As a figure moves up the stairs and through the upper gate -- BAM! It will drop through the trapdoor and into the cage that can be moved to the dungeon underneath Skeletor’s throne for safekeeping.
  • To get to throne, figures must pass by the wolf head and intimidating spider. To get out, watch out for the "acid pool" on the way to the hidden escape tunnel!

    ETA: JULY 2024