Captain America 1/4 Infinity Saga Legacy Replica by Iron Studios

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In a final fight to reverse the decimation of half of life in the universe promoted by the fearsome Thanos with his Gauntlet of Infinity, Steve Rogers wields Thor`s mystic hammer Mjölnir, showing himself as worthy as few, along with his inseparable shield, even with it damaged. From his origins fighting in World War II, until his rebirth, when he was rescued by S.H.I.E.L.D. after being frozen for decades, and his union and leadership ahead of the Avengers, his rebellion against a system corrupted by the evil Hydra organization. His entire trajectory led him to this moment masterfully replicated by Iron Studios in the "Captain America - Infinity Saga - Legacy Replica 1/4", which celebrates more than ten years of the Marvel Cinematographic Universe.