Beast Man Masters of the Universe BDS Art Scale 1/10 Statue By Iron Studios

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With the crack of his long whip, caused by the air displacement capable of breaking the sound barrier, the animalistic henchman of the infamous sorcerer lord of the Snake Mountain, manipulates with brutality the most fearsome and dangerous creatures from his planet against his opponents. No less threatening than the beasts he commands, over a base of a natural rock elevation covered by mosses and roots, the wild mercenary with orange skin and fur, wearing a red breastplate with an armguard, growls exposing his fangs like a predator ready for attack. Thus, adding forces to Eternia’s evil warriors in their MOTU line, Iron Studios present the statue "Beast Man BDS - Masters of the Universe -Art Scale 1/10", with Skeletor’s savage right hand.

One of Skeletor’s most faithful and loyal followers, although frequently underestimated and a target for Skeletor’s wrath when his plans go south, the supervillain Beast Man is one of the first and most popular characters created in the franchise Masters of the Universe. A brute and sometimes stupid, but also astute to achieve his objectives, besides superhuman strength he has the ability to control many wild animals, most of them being beasts and monsters. Among different origin stories created for the character in the franchise, one of the most popular ones in his biography tells that his original name was Raqquill Rqazz, a villain that, after being banned by his people native of Vine Jungle, a dangerous and wild region in Eternia’s Light Hemisphere, joined the at the time young conqueror and alchemist Keldor (Skeletor) during the battle on Berserker Islands, becoming his loyal minion. Beast Man also often works in partnership with Trap Jaw, another villain member of the Evil Warriors subservient to Skeletor.