Batman on Batsignal Deluxe Zack Snyder`s Justice League Deluxe Art Scale 1/10

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On the headquarters roof of the Gotham City Police Department, its main vigilante leans over a big, modified searchlight with the symbol of the silhouette of a bat attached to it, used to project his emblem on the night sky of the dark city, an artifact incorporated by his friend and ally, the commissioner James Gordon, to summon him and remind the criminals of his presence. Wearing his black and grey costume, composed of a Kevlar-titanium alloy resistant to heat, blades, and bullets, and using a cowl that can digitally alter his voice, making it unrecognizable for those that know him, adding your training and enhanced intellect, and an arsenal of gadgets and technological tools on his Utility Belt, he’s among the biggest and most feared heroes on Earth, even without any superpowers like his allies on the Justice League. Inspired by the praised version from director Zack Snyder of the movie Justice League, Iron Studios bring the statue "Batman on Batsignal Deluxe - Zack Snyder`s Justice League - Art Scale 1/10", with the Dark Knight leaning on his legendary Batsignal.