SPIDER-PUNK Designer Collectible Statue by Unruly Industries

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Don’t fret! Your favorite headbanging hero is here! Whether he’s walking the runway or rocking the main stage, this limited edition Spider-Punk Designer Collectible Statue by Tracy Tubera is strutting — and strumming — in style.

About the Artist: Tracy Tubera AKA the ÜBER ILLUSTRATOR SUPREME has a style that is a mix of graffiti, anime, and comic book art. His artwork has an acute attention to sharp, crisp line work with splashes of bright pop colors. He mixes pop culture imagery with his love for sneakers, Super Heroes, and humor to create imagery all his own.

Artist Statement:


I have always loved the design and colors of SNEAKERS. The bright colors and intricate designs are the same reasons why I love COMIC BOOKS/SUPER HEROES. Also, there is always the story behind a certain Super Hero. Their SECRET ORIGIN. The amazing story of how a character got his/her powers. Or the incredible circumstances that caused a character to become a Super Hero. Most sneakers also have their own “Secret Origin”. The process that it took a designer to get to the final look of a sneaker. What inspired the look of a shoe. What influenced the use of certain materials or colors. So many things in common that I always felt needed to be explored.

These vinyl figures are what I call S.H.S. aka Super Heroes in Sneakers- two things that meant a lot to me growing up and still do to this day. Two completely different cultures mashed together to create a new visual of things most people wouldn’t normally see together. I always wondered what kicks my favorite Super Hero would wear. That’s why I would create these illustrations and now DESIGNER COLLECTIBLES!

After being bitten by a spider irradiated by illegal waste dumping, a new SPIDER HERO arose on EARTH-138. On a world where the downtrodden people of New York needed a hero to lead them, HOBART BROWN AKA SPIDER PUNK stepped up with his new SPIDER POWERS and PUNK ROCK attitude. I wanted to design HOBIE in a HEROIC stance that showed he is ready to SAVE THE DAY and ROCK OUT at the same time. I wanted this Art Figure to look like he was being blown back by “15,000 WATTS OF PUNK ROCK”! Armed with his SPIDER GUITAR and decked out in SPIKES, HOBIE needed some CLASSIC kicks that have always represented that INDIVIDUALISTIC MIND SET. So I put him in sneakers that say ALL AMPS ARE SET TO 11. Sneakers with a simple design, yet ALL STAR in ATTITUDE.