House Of The Golden Skull By Mezco

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Somewhere in a mystical land ruled by feudal law, Shinobi tribes clash over territory and honor. 

The nefarious ‘House of The Golden Skulls’ have only one mission: show no mercy. After an organized attack on their rivals, the ‘Clan of The Golden Dragons’, all are left for dead – or so they hoped.

The bloodthirsty combatant wears a shinobi shozoku with forearm guards, a waist belt, shin guards, and tabi boots. The Gold Skull Ninjas are masters of secrecy, equipped with a ninja-smoke plume FX that allows them to move within the shadows.

The Gold Skull Ninja is prepared to complete any mission, no matter the cost. He comes complete with a kusarigama connected with a real metal chain, multiple shuriken, a katana with sheath, multiple kunai, and much more.

The House of The Golden Skulls reign victorious...but not for long. The sole survivor of the Clan of The Golden Dragons is determined to avenge his brothers.